My Ikigai

What is my Ikigai?

Everyone has an Ikigai or a reason for life, a reason for being. I feel this is mine. I fall asleep at night thinking of it, I wake thinking of it and all throughout the day it is on my mind. How to find your Ikigai, ask your self these questions.

1) What is it I love to do?

1.1) Am I passionate about it?

1.2) Do I see myself doing it forever?

1.3) Do I have a mission

2) Am I good at it?

3) Are the people in the world that need it or can use it?

4) Can I get paid for doing it?

4.1) Can I make it a full time profession?

4.2) Can it be a your vocation?

5) Are you willing to share it/be it?

This is mine. I don’t know exactly why I feel like this, but I feel this is how I can make a difference in lift to those around me and those who are far away.

The path that each of us are on may be a little different than the other. Sometime we may not be on the same path at all. Know your path whether you follow in the footsteps of the one before you or if you are the one creating it. Da Aina Zen

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